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Barn Owl and Hare photographs taken by David Davis, from pitch 5 on the CL. June 2017

BURNHAM WICK - Nikki Linfield

Under the silver new moon
Your white wingspan stretches afar
your dinner held tightly
You glide into your tree
You feed your family
You wise owl of the barn
so smooth
so sleek
so discreet
amidst the trees
your fields of corn
your growing crops you glide
me eyes feast on the beauty of being
the peace of birdsong
the space of nature
Lapwings in the set aside
Swifts dancing on the currents of the evening breeze
set under the lowering sun 
Pigeons dance in the tree
While the hares skip with the ponies grazing in fresh meadow grass
their noses tickled by whispering grass
Burnham Wick site nestled at the tip of the Dengie peninsula
and island of its own beauty
You will be bathed in the fullness of peace
the beauty of the world as it is
you get far more than can be written
your soul will feast
your eyes a-freshed
tucked away a mile from town
the world is yours to be with
heaven for me
to walk
to run
to cycle
to sail
to kayak
to be
to photograph
to write
This to me spells MECCA
what do you need?
camera binoculars walking /running stuff
water born toys
peaceful happiness awaits
Kayaking Wallasea island
We left 1 hour before low water down the channel  to channel markers and red green red buoy heading towards a church after passing mud processing treatment works - paddling against tide , then turn towards Pedelsham creek, when you go down here watch for seals playing, as you see the yachts moored at Pagelsham take the channel to right hand side marked by bouys
then up follow this until 2 large route options take the right hand one you will see the back of Essex marina and powerlines come into sight there is a broken wooden board at the end and follow it if you are earlier than 1 hour before it may seem like a mudscape well it is and loads of birds at about High water  you get to the end and see the marina/powerlines and we found two small burgees one red one green climb out here lift kayaks walk over road and get back in and head over towards Creeksea sailing club
camera needed for seals, waddling ducks and other things you find old artefacts of the sea
Kayak around Osea from stone pub in Blackwater can also do northsea island as a figure of 8
Could put in at Maldon at big Promenade  car park  and go round Thames barges an dislands
or through Maldon follow river look for signs to the basin and in at canal the other side ( locks) ( fees for parking and water use)or near high water you can get into the sea but need highish water to get back out.
Kayak down from site past Creeksea to nature island ( forgotten name)  and back past Essex marina

Photos and write-up courtesy of Nikki and Nik Linfield; visitors to our CL in June 2016